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Topcon PS 101A 1 Second Robotic Total Station 213067102

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  • 1-second accuracy

  • One-person operation at prism pole

  • Auto-tracking

  • TsShield secures lost or stolen instrument

  • Full-featured Magnet software

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Overview for the Topcon PS 101A 1 Second Robotic Total Station

The superior technology and advanced design of the Topcon PS101A Robotic Total Station will allow you to perform one-person remote survey measurements with exceptional speed and 1-second accuracy, transforming the way you work. With its long-range Bluetooth wireless communication, TsShield security system, PowerTrac auto-tracking, and fast and powerful EDM, Topcon's PS101 is the perfect solution for professionals seeking to upgrade to a top-notch robotic total station.

Single-person Operation

Bluetooth wireless communication enables you to use a data collector or controller to operate the total station at the prism pole up to a distance of nearly 2,000 feet. Known as Longlink, Topcon's exclusive communication system works through the RC-5 P2, a small remote control unit attached to the top of the prism pole. Together with a 360-degree robotic prism, the surveyor can control  the total station remotely without a second person at the total station. Not only does this reduce the traditional two-person survey team to only one person, but you save time, money and improve productivity.

Unsurpassed Robotic Capabilities

The Topcon 101A Total Station features PowerTrac, the advanced auto-tracking technology that tracks the prism's location automatically, even when traffic, trees or other obstacles come between the prism and the total station. The dynamic movement prediction and advanced algorithms reject false prism readings, ensuring that the PS101 stays locked on target while delivering superior tracking. This works through a laser beam that is emitted by the remote control unit on the prism pole.

A detector unit located on the 101A instantly picks up the signal, and the Topcon Robotic Total Station turns to the direction of the prism. And in the event that the location of the prism is lost, it can be easily picked up by pressing the trigger key, which signals the total station and causes it to rotate in the direction of the prism.

Ultimate Security and Maintenance with TsShield

You'll also appreciate the peace of mind gained by TsShield, a security and maintenance feature that allows you to send a coded signal to disable the total station if lost or stolen. TsShield's exclusive ability to track the survey instrument's location anywhere in the world not only offers you complete security, but also automatically notifies the operator of firmware updates directly on the control panel, so that the 101A surveying instrument always performs at its best.

Full-Featured Survey Software

In order for a premium robotic total station to give real value, it needs to offer full featured software that allows the operator to perform a variety of surveying functions. The Topcon Robotic Total Station boasts Magnet software, the exclusive surveying software that allows you to perform numerous functions out on the fields, such as point collection, description entry, and calculations, as well as viewpoints, lines, and icons to help you make faster decisions.

It also provides COGO and adjustment functions so that you can improve productivity by completing measurements while still out on the field, whether onboard, or with your choice of field controllers.

Fast and Powerful Distance Measurement

Topcon's Robotic Total Station also features an ultra-powerful EDM that can perform reflectorless measurement at up to 3,280 feet, and prism measurement up to a distance of nearly 20,000 feet. With measuring times of only 0.9 seconds and accuracy to 0.06 inches, you'll be able to easily complete measurements in significantly less time.

Overall Superior Performance

The Topcon PS101A provides superior performance, down to the smallest details. Advanced angle accuracy self-calibrates so that you'll always have consistent, accurate angle measurements. The proven technology has been called "best in class" by surveying professionals, due to its superior level of accuracy in angle measurement. The rugged body is designed to stand up to tough environments, with an IP 65 rating that is dust-tight, and protected against water jets from any angle. Plus, the lightweight yet sturdy magnesium alloy housing provides stable angle accuracy for precise measurement results.

Ample memory storage is provided with your choice of an R232C serial port, or easy to access USB port. The USB port provides up to 8GB of data storage and is compatible with an industry standard USB memory stick. It is also protected from water, dust and other debris so that your data is always safe.

The PS101A also features a single control panel, and color LCD touch screen plus 25 alphanumeric lighted keys that allow you to enter data as numbers, letters, or symbols. A single battery provides you with up to 4 hours of operation time, ensuring you have plenty of time to take all the measurements you need.

All of these many features, plus TsShield, PowerTrac prism tracking, Magnet Onboard software, Longlink communication system, fast and powerful EDM, and advanced angle accuracy make the Topcon PS101A Robotic Total Station the obvious choice for surveyors serious about improving productivity.

Features for the Topcon PS 101A 1 Second Robotic Total Station

  • 1-second accuracy
  • Longlink communication system allows one-person operation at prism pole
  • PowerTrac advanced auto-tracking automatically tracks prism location
  • Trigger key instantly locates prism
  • TsShield sends coded signal from anywhere in world to lock down instrument if lost or stolen
  • Automatic notice of firmware updates through control panel
  • Magnet Software performs field measurement and COGO, adjustment calculations
  • Reflectorless EDM up to 3,280 ft.
  • Prism distance measurement up to 19,684 ft.
  • Advanced angle accuracy self-callibrates
  • Sturdy Magnesium alloy housing provides stable angle accuracy for accurate measurement results 
  • Easy to access USB port
  • Color LCD touchscreen
  • Single-face control panel
  • 25-key alphanumeric lighted keyboard
  • Li-Ion battery operates up to 4 hours

Specifications for the Topcon PS 101A 1 Second Robotic Total Station

Weight 31 lbs (14.06 kg)
Dimensions 8.150 in. x 9.055 in. x 15.476 in. (230 mm x 207 mm x 303 mm)
Warranty 2 year manufacturer's warranty
Protection Class IP 65 (protected against access to hazardous parts, dust-tight; protected against water jets at any angle)
Tripod Thread 5/8 x 11 in.
Software 500MB
Tribrach fixed
Auto-Tracking Speed 85°/sec (at 20°C) / 20°/sec
Guide Light green and red LED
Angle Measurement
Accuracy 1-second
Distance Measurement
Unit of Measure (distance display) m/ft/in.
Tilt Sensor/Compensator
Range ±6 minutes
Type dual axis liquid tilt
Power Source Li-ion rechargeable battery
Battery Life about 4 hours
Voltage 7.2V
Magnification 30x
Resolving Power 2.5 arcmin
Display and Keypad
Type color TFT-LCD
Sides single
Keys 25 alphanumeric
Touchscreen yes
Backlight yes
Pixels 240 x 320
Operating –4°F to +122°F (–20°C to +50°C )
Storage –4° F to +122°F (–20°C to +50°C )
Surveying and Construction yes
Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
Utilities yes
Environment Studies yes
Geomarking yes
Archaeology yes
Accident Reconstruction yes
Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
Single Prism 4.3 ft to 16,404 ft (1.3 m to 5,000 m)
Triple Prism 4.3 ft to 26,240 ft (1.3 m to 8,000 m)
No Prism 0.984 ft to 3,280 ft (0.3 m to 1,000 m)
Reflector Sheet 4.27 ft to 1640 ft (1.3 m to 500 m)
Coordinate Measurement Point yes
Angle and Distance Stake Out yes
Stake Out Line yes
Offsets yes
Missing Line yes
Remote Elevation yes
Resection yes
Area Calculation yes
Measurement Time
Fine 0.9 s
Rapid 0.6 s
Tracking 0.4 s
Laser Pointer
Class 3R
Wavelength 690nm
Bluetooth Communication range: 1,969 ft (600 m)
USB USB 2.0 Type A/mini B)
Pin Port RS232C
Operating System Windows Embedded CE.6.0
RC-PR5 Remote Control System
Operating Range Far mode: 6.51 ft to 984 ft (2 m to 300 m); Standard mode: 6.6 ft to 328 ft (2 m to 100 m)
Measuring Time 15 sec

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