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Leica Builder 500 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station 772736

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  • 50,000-point internal memory

  • 820 foot range

  • Built-in Bluetooth 

  • Laser plummet and pointer

  • On-board full field software

  • USB stick and RS232 serial port

  • 20-hour battery life

  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-55

  • Single graphic LCD display

  • Alphanumeric keyboard

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Overview for the Leica Builder 500 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station

Enjoy the ultimate in measurement performance with the Leica Builder 500 (5-Second) Reflectorless Total Station. Robust, and built for speed, precision, and ease-of-use, the Leica 500 allows you to carry out even the most difficult of tasks quickly and accurately, while saving money and improving productivity.

Superior Data Storage

The Leica Geosystem Total Station's superior data storage capabilities allow you to save information through a variety of methods. The internal memory stores up to 50,000 points, making it easy to keep track of your data even if the machine is accidentally shut-off. You can also use the mini-USB port or RS232 serial cable to save measurements, or use the Bluetooth wireless capability to save to a PDA or Data Collector.

Choose From a Variety of Distance Measuring Options

The Leica Reflectorless Total Station allows you to choose the method that fits your measuring needs best. Choose reflectorless measurement when measuring to dangerous or inaccessible locations, use the flat prism for regular work, or attach a round prism to extend the distance measuring range up to 10,000 feet.

Measure Extreme Ranges With Utmost Accuracy

For accurate measurement, you can rely on Leica's patented PinPoint technology. Confidently measure to roof faces, facades, roofs, wall corners, and walls inside buildings with the tightly bundled laser, which marks your target with bulls-eye precision using a small red dot. And although the narrow laser is perfect for taking measurements in hard to reach spots, Leica's Optical laser can also be combined with a prism, extending your distance measuring ability even further. Regardless of what needs to be measured, the Leica Builder gives you your measuring results with the touch of the button.

Quick Setup

Even beginners can get started easily with the Leica Builder Total Station. The setup wizard features an easy to follow interface, and guides you through the process of setting up your Leica Total Station. Simply follow the display to level the builder, define your control line, enter offset values from your plan, and set out or record the points. You can even choose a setup position using coordinates or control lines, or setup with the preset axis as the reference line - allowing you to work with line and offset values straight from your original plan. And of course, the easy choice of setup positions enables you to take measurements quickly and efficiently.

Intuitive Interface

You'll be able to start taking measurements quickly and easily with the Leica Builder's intuitive control panel. Featuring a 6-line LCD graphic display, the illuminated control panel is easy to read, even in the dark. The QWERTY keyboard means that data input is fast and fumble-free, while the prominently featured status icons let you check your battery status and compensator at a glance. When you're ready to choose a measurement function, you can browse the program menu for the suitable program; later you can access the user-programmed softkeys to instantly access the measurement functions you use most often.

Versatile and Easy to Learn Software

Leica's exclusive PowerSite Software, designed to help you make even the most difficult of measurements trouble-free, is a powerful software application that works together with the included Construction Data Manager. A Windows-based application, the Construction Data Manager not only allows you to upload or transfer data, but drastically increases your productivity through the use of nine pre-loaded software functions:

Layout Function: Check the alignment of columns, formworks, and fencing lines, and ensure against racking in greenhouses or other structures.

Area and Volume: Ideal for tender preparations of all kind. Check the fit for windows, the volume of asphalt needed for a parking lot, or simply capture aligned surfaces on the spot. Get fast volume determination of stockpile monitoring, cutting to formation, and mass haul cuts and fills, allowing you to keep tabs on your earthworks progress as the day progresses.

As-Built: Use the as-built function to ensure your blueprints are up to date and reflect the latest changes. With PowerSite, you can instantly transfer and update new data, or record measurements for drafting a completely new blueprint.

Hidden Point:Obtain measurements for points not directly visible with the hidden point function; PowerSite software reveals the position of the hidden point, total station, and reflector in just a few steps.

Angle and Distance: Check the height clearance under a bridge, mark ground floor elevations, and transfer reference heights in one work step.

Tie distance: Used to compute horizontal distance, height difference, and grade between two target points, tie distance is the perfect solution for figuring out whether or not there is a clearance under a roof for that crane, or checking the drainage of a grade.

Coordinate Geometry Calculations: A graphical display on the control panel shows the position of the station, used new points, directions, distances, and the new calculated point, allowing you to easily figure out this normally complicated measurement.

Layout Line/Arc/Spiral: Easily plot the lines for a road or spiral staircase; the PowerSite software allows you to stake out and check points relative to a road alignment.

Your Leica Builder Electronic Total Station comes complete with a true-zero offset Builder prism and mini prism pole with replaceable tip. Also included is a Leica industrial grade USB memory stick, and data cable USB to mini USB for secure data transfer. Two Li-Ion batteries with charger give you nearly 20 hours of use, ensuring you don't have to stop in the middle of a job to change batteries. You also get several adjustment tools to keep your Leica Total Station measuring accurately, a protective cover and lens hood to keep out dust or other destructive elements while taking a break on-site, and a hard carrying case to carry the Leica Builder and accessories.

The Leica Builder 500 (3-Second) Reflectorless Total Station allows you to boost your productivity, and save money while completing measurement tasks in radically less time. Utilize the superior features and superb technology of the Leica Builder to focus on being a leader in your field: You'll wonder how you ever managed without one.

Features for the Leica Builder 500 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station

  • 5-Second accuracy
  • 3-Second accuracy
  • 50,000-point internal memory
  • 820 foot range
  • Built-in Bluetooth 
  • Laser plummet and pointer
  • On-board full field software
  • USB stick and RS232 serial port
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-55
  • Single graphic LCD display
  • Alphanumeric keyboard
  • Protection against theft with PIN code
  • PC, laptop, or handheld data collector interface

Specifications for the Leica Builder 500 5 Second Reflectorless Total Station

Weight 11.2 lbs. (5.1 kg)
Dimensions 23 in. x 18 in. x 15 in. (58.42 cm x 45.72 cm x 38.1 cm)
Warranty 1-year manufacturer's warranty
Protection Class IP55 (protected against hazardous parts, dust protected, protected against water jets from any angle.)
Tripod Thread 5/8 x 11 in.
Internal Memory 50,000 internal points
Software PowerSite, Construction Data Manager
Tribrach fixed
Angle Measurement
Measuring Method/Reading System absolute, continuous
Accuracy 5-second
Distance Measurement
Unit of Measure (distance display) in,ft,mm,m
Tilt Sensor/Compensator
Range 4 arcmin
Setting Accuracy 2 arcsec
Power Source Li-Ion batteries
Battery Life about 20 hours
Battery Life Alert yes
Voltage 7.4 V
Optical Plummet
Image erect
Circular Bubble Vial 6 minutes/2 mm
Electronic Level 6 arcseconds
Image erect
Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture) 1.57 in.(40 mm)
Magnification 30x
Field of View 2.6 m at 100 m
Sight Distance Precision/Focus Range 5.6 ft/1.7 m to infinity
Reflectorless yes
Display and Keypad
Type 6-line graphic LCD
Sides single-sided
Keys 20
Backlight yes
Pixels 280 x 160 pixels
Operating -4ºF to 122ºF (-20ºC to +50ºC)
Storage -40ºF to 158ºF (-40ºC to +70ºC)
Surveying and Construction yes
Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
Utilities yes
Environment Studies yes
Geomarking yes
Archaeology yes
Accident Reconstruction yes
Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
Single Prism 2600 ft. (800 m)
Reflective Tape 560 ft. (170 m)
Cat Eye/Flat Prism 820 ft. (250 m)
Coordinate Measurement Point yes
Angle and Distance Stake Out yes
Stake Out Line yes
Offsets yes
Missing Line yes
Remote Elevation yes
Resection yes
Area Calculation yes
Measurement Time
Fine < 1 s
Rapid < 0.3 s
Tracking 1.0 s
Laser Plummet
Accuracy 0.0590 in. (1.5 mm) at 4.92 ft. (1.5 m) instrument height
Class Visible red laser class 2
Laser Pointer
Class 3R
Reflectorless range 820 ft (250 m)
Wavelength 650 nm - 690 nm
Range to reflective tape 820 ft (250 m)
Range to glass prism 1640 ft (500 m)
Bluetooth yes
USB USB memory stick and USB device port
Pin Port RS232

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