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Leica Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser 6003478

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  • 1,800 foot operating range

  • Self-leveling and grade matching

  • Dual grade from -5 to +25 % in both axes

  • Laser plane stabilization

  • Axis alignment application

  • Choice of laser receiver and battery

  • 130-hour battery life

  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-57

  • Backlit graphic LCD display

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Overview for the Leica Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser

The Leica Rugby 420DG is a fully automatic, self-leveling laser with dual grade capability and enhanced operating range up to 1,800 feet. Designed for applications, such as land leveling and tiling, this rotary laser features manual axis alignment and laser plane stabilization for increased accuracy. The Rugby 420 includes a Rod Eye Plus laser receiver with anti-strobe protection and three accuracy levels for efficient use outdoors. Capable of tilting on both axes for accurate measurement of slopes, it also comes with a NiMH battery pack that powers up the device up to 100 hours!

Self-Leveling and Dual Grade Matching

Whether you have to precisely lay out a construction site, perform control measurements, install ceilings and partitions or align concrete forms, the Leica 420DG grade laser delivers accurate results  with its self-leveling accuracy of 1/16th inch per 100 feet. Featuring an infrared beam that is invisible to the eye, this device has an automatic dual grade capability up to -5 to +15% in both axes and offers real-time grade matching that allows you to easily match any existing slope.

Laser Plane Stabilization and Axis Alignment

Save on labor costs and align the Rugby 420DG with a simple one-man operation using its manual-axis-alignment feature. It also has laser plane stabilization that delivers the most stable and accurate plane of laser light over the whole range.

The Leica Rugby laser level can be set-up on a tripod and is equipped with a large, graphic display and five-button keypad that provides easy grade entry by selecting the axis, then pressing up or down to enter the required grade. You can also press the Star button to open the menu and change settings.

Leica Rod Eye Plus Receiver

The included Rod Eye Plus laser receiver is integrated with an anti-strobe protection that detects and ignores flash from other sources so that they will not interfere with the Rugby 420DG laser’s performance.  With an operating range of up to 1,500 feet, this laser detector is Leica Rugby’s perfect partner for any exterior work.

Rod Eye Plus allows the use of three different detectable accuracies, fine, medium and coarse. The nine-channel arrow display and audio output provide you with all the information needed to lock on the laser beam. It has two, large graphic displays and three LEDs that can be used as a reference for the receiver’s position. The Rod Eye Plus also has a detection height of two inches and a versatile rod bracket to secure mounting to both square and oval rods.

Additional Features

The Leica 420DG dual grade laser is equipped with a beam masking function that turns off the laser beam to allow multiple laser usage on the same site. It self-levels within +/-5 degrees and alerts you of height changes to prevent elevation errors. It also features wind sensitivity setting for working under adverse conditions and personalized identification for anti-theft protection.

High Performance for All Day Use

Designed for maximum durability in any weather condition, the Rugby 420 DG is dustproof and water resistant with its IP57 rating. It has a high-impact composite housing with protective rubber over-molding. With rechargeable NiMH batteries, this dual grade slope laser lets you work up to 100 hours without interruption.

This Leica dual grade laser package comes with a Rod Eye Plus with bracket, carrying case, NiMH rechargeable battery pack, charger, universal charger cable and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Features for the Leica Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser

  • 1,800 feet operating range
  • Self-leveling
  • Dual grade up to -5 to +25 % in both axes
  • Rod Eye Plus laser receiver
  • Real-time grade matching to easily match an existing slope
  • Axis alignment application for precise grade accuracy
  • Beam masking allows several lasers to be used onsite
  • Bump alert notifies you if device has been moved
  • Invisible, infrared laser beam
  • 100-hour battery life
  • Simple, five-button operation
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-57
  • Backlit graphic LCD display

Specifications for the Leica Rugby 420 Dual Grade Laser

Wavelength 635 nm
Classification Class 2 IEC60825-1
Visibility Invisible
Exterior 1,800 ft (550 m)
Self Leveling ± 5°
Battery Life with Rechargeable Battery Pack 100 hours
Battery Life with Alkaline Batteries 130 hours
Power Source Rechargeable NiMH or alkaline batteries
Battery Life Alert yes
Automatic Shut-Off yes
Display Backlit, graphic LCD
Bump Sensor (H.I./Out of Position Alert) yes
Protection Class IP57 (dustproof and water submersible)
Tripod Adapter (Center Screw Thread) yes
Adjustable Rotating Speed 5, 10, 15, 20 rps
Weight 11.1 lbs (5 kg)
Dimensions 10.4 x 10.2 x 7.92 in (26.5 x 26.0 x 20.0 cm)
Warranty 2-year
Remote Control Operating Distance 750 ft (225 m)
Extra Technology
Remote Control Rugby LR
Detector/Reciever Rod Eye Plus/Rod Eye Digital
Horizontal 1/16” per 100 ft (1.5 mm per 30 m)
Storage -40° to +158°F (-40° to +70°C)
Operating -4° to +122°F (-20° to +50°C)
Charging Time 4.5 hours
Slope Match yes
Grade Operation Automatic, manual
Automatic Leveling yes
Beam Operating Modes Beam masking
Checking/Setting Elevations yes
Transferring Points from Floor to Ceiling yes
Machine Control of Excavators, Graders, Dozers or Similar Equipment yes
Installation of Interior Fittings (cabinets, lighting, windows, countertops, etc.) yes
Short-Range Leveling for Decks, Patios & Swimming Pools yes
Installation/Leveling Interior Walls yes
Installation/Leveling Ceiling Grids yes
Squaring and Layout of Partitions, Walls & Tile Floors yes
Concrete Forms, Footings and Foundations yes
Checking Elevations of Sub-Base and Sub-Grade yes
Short-Run Vertical Alignment yes
Checking Building Square & Area yes
Estimating Cut & Fill yes
Matching Existing Slope & Grade yes
Locating Finished Floor Levels yes
Type Dual
Percentage -5 to +25 %

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