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With three dedicated technicians under the hawk eye of our head technician Gavan, we guarantee you the best service possible.  All instruments in for service are :

  1. Stripped completely - Not externally cleaned & charged for full service
  2. Ultra sonically cleaned - All old grease and dust totally removed
  3. Lubricated with the correct greases - Ensures smooth mechanics and life of the instrument
  4. All optics cleaned - Ensures clear image
  5. Compensator check - Compensator Stops Checked & cleaned to prevent sticking
  6. Final check & Colimation - Ensuring your instrument is better than accurate.
We have been servicing these makes of instruments :- Fuji , Nikon, Sokkisha, Sokkia,  Topcon,  Cook, Wild,  Leica, AMA, Spectra Precision,  Trimble,  PLS,  Precision, Autobuild, Boif, Champ,  Setle, Fujiyama, World, Kern,  Nan, Neslte, Spring, South, Pentax, Yoms, Allbuild, Troxler, Humbolt, Psion. 
The product names above are makes of :-
  • Automatic levels or Tilting Levels
  • Opto Mechanical Theodolites
  • Electronic Theodolites
  • Total Stations
  • Pipelasers
  • Grade or Rotating Lasers
  • Line Lasers
  • Moisture Density Gauges
  • Tripods, Staves, Prim Poles etc
  • Battery & Chargers - Recell & repair
  • Direct Cables, GPS cable. - Repair